Secrets of Power Marketing. Promote Brand You. The national bestseller. The first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. Marketing is about sending messages, creating perceptions and helping you sell more. How can you become a more powerful marketer? Read on.
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Secrets of Power Marketing by Peter Urs Bender & George Torok Secrets of Power Marketing
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George Torok, coauther of bestselling Secrets of Power Marketing

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Secrets of Power Marketing
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Secrets of Power Marketing

If you are ready to order the book now - click here

Are you missing out on your share of business opportunities?

Are you fed up with wasting your time and money on marketing that isn't working?

Do you want a better return from your marketing without spending more money?

You are not alone. Most people are not natural born marketing professionals.

We fall victim to the "better mouse trap theory". We cling to the false belief that if we build it they will come.

We mistake expensive advertising as the answer to our marketing woes.

We know we need to market - but that's not the reason we got into the business. So we reluctantly make uninformed marketing decisions and often regret them later.

Effective marketing skills are learned. Yet most of us have never been given the opportunity to learn how to market properly. We make mistakes, often without realizing it. And these mistakes cost us time and money.

We make the mistake of ignoring that which we don't really understand.

It doesn't have to be like that.

Now you can quickly and easily learn the techniques used by the top marketing professionals in virtually ever industry. Learn from the best.

Wouldn't you like to sell more and sell easier and let your marketing attract and convince your customers?

Imagine the feeling of being welcomed more readily by prospects that are pre-sold on your value. Or better yet - they seek you out.

Think about the new opportunities that can open up to you when you are perceived to offer greater expertise, credibility and value.

Or how quickly you can grow your business to achieve your life goals.

This might surprise you, but…

Marketing does not have to be difficult

In fact it can actually be fun. And it is much easier than you think. Most top marketing professionals usually use just a few techniques that anyone can easily learn. These strategies are deceptively simple but they are extremely effective. What's even better is that these techniques are not manipulative, pushy or aggressive.

Now you can learn these key principles, powerful strategies and simple techniques! In my book, Secrets of Power Marketing - Promote Brand You, I will show you

 How to avoid the most common marketing mistakes

 How to raise your rates and 4 ways to validate it to your clients

 How to make positive first impressions every time

 How to turn your mistakes and disadvantages into marketing triumphs

 How to maximize the value you deliver while keeping your costs low

 How to beat the competition by being different - not cheaper

 How to become number one in your market - virtually overnight

 How to get and leverage more positive media exposure

 The importance and methods of promoting your personal brand

 The 9 questions that your clients silently ask about your credibility and the 8 ways you can silently answer it for them

 The single most powerful relationship builder and 29 ideas to implement it

 The simple steps to create and follow your own marketing system - and why a marketing system is more important than a marketing plan

 How to recruit others to market for you - for free

"Secrets of Power Marketing helped us increase our business 3000% - and that
was from just one client. Secrets of Power Marketing enabled us to better
service our client and build a positive working relationship"
Richard Maude, President, Ad Plus Promotions Inc.

Order now for just $19.95 plus $5 S/H

Click here to buy it now

Don't make the same mistakes that I made!

I started and chased several business ideas in my early days. Some did well and some failed. None did great. Why - because I did not fully understand the power of following a simple and effective marketing system. I didn't have a mentor. No one taught me the secrets of marketing. I didn't have a role model. But I knew that there had to be an easier, better way to succeed in business.

So I started reading all the business books I could find. I read hundreds of books, attended seminars, listened to tapes and watched videos. I even registered for a college marketing course - but dropped out because it was boring and impractical. As I gathered all this information I discovered there was a lot of useless information out there. The gems that I found I recorded, tried, analyzed and simplified. I started to develop my system of power marketing.

I used this new system when I launched my business a decade ago. I hit the ground running. Wow - were things different this time! Sales growth. Profit growth - and it was fun.

Then I met Peter Urs Bender - he was even more experienced in the business. We discovered that we had gone through similar learning experiences. And again it was his simple system of marketing that built his success.

We compared notes and discovered common principles and techniques. We also shared our marketing horror stories - the dumb mistakes we had made. Perhaps if you had enough time and money you could suffer the same mistakes.

But why waste your time, money and the embarrassment?

We put the best of what we learned in Secrets of Power Marketing. We kept it simple, practical and effective - because that's the way we prefer to work.

"Your Power Marketing book played a huge role in the development of our
. It was as if it was written just for us!"
Norine Victor, Solutions Image, Hair and Make Up Consultants.
Capetown, South Africa

Secrets of Power Marketing is the first guide to personal
marketing for the non-marketer.

In this unique marketing guide we give you:

 The fundamental principles and the practical techniques that you can follow

 Lots of examples that illustrate how you can copy or adapt from others' success

 Checklists, scripts and questions that you can use immediately so you can hit the ground running

 How-to processes clearly outlined so you can follow it like a cookbook

 Chapter Summaries to recap key points for you

 Easy to understand language. This is not a marketing text. It is not full of technical terms or jargon. We are not professors with PHds trying to impress. We are entrepreneurs helping you build your business with these techniques

 Easy to understand concepts. You could read this book in a few hours but like most readers you will likely read it dozens of times to recapture the ideas. We encourage you to mark it up with pen, highlighter and post-it notes

 Ideas that you can use. There are hundreds of practical ideas in this book. Ideas with short learning curves. Pick the ones that work best for you in your situation. In most cases you will see instant results

 Many appropriate first person stories and quotations to help anchor the message and move you forward

"This book is full of practical tools you can use immediately to get more and
better sales. It is a great piece of writing!"
Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement

Order now for just $19.95 plus $5 S/H

Click here to buy it now

Secrets of Power Marketing includes:

 Key questions that you must ask and answer to create meaningful vision, mission, slogan and purpose statements

 How to create and deliver a memorable 30-second message

 7 errors to avoid in voice mail and 12 tips to upgrade your voice message

 3 powerful tips to leave more effective voice messages when you call your prospects

 14 tips to appear bigger and even more impressive than you really are

 6 ways to project a successful image

 5 ways that value is measured and how you can control each of them

 8 times when credibility is critical to your survival

 8 ways to improve your written communication and the 3 common mistakes you can avoid

 11 reasons why you should be known as an expert and the 9 ways to promote your expertise

 14 ideas for where to look for sponsorship opportunities and the 6 alternatives to offering money

 16 ways to nurture more profitable relationships

 9 steps to writing your news release

 Creative ways to get media coverage

 14 forms of print media you might have overlooked

 The 3 R's of creative marketing and 25 ideas that you can use

 How to get a flood of testimonials that knock your socks off and how best to get that flood working for you

 How to get more from your database

 The 5 myths and realities of networking and the most critical element of networking success

Plus much, much more!

"From A to Z - A Comprehensive Look at Branding YOU!
This book is an excellent one-stop source for developing your own unique "brand."
It covers the obvious and not-so-obvious things to consider as you differentiate yourself
in the marketplace. As a consultant for the past ten years, I found this book to be a
wonderful affirmation for the things that I am doing well and a gentle nudge to
consider/do specific actions in promoting my business. I read this book right before I
began a comprehensive review of our marketing strategies and the timing was
absolutely perfect. Just one tip proves itself WELL worth the cost of the book as
well as the time invested to read it.
Kristin Arnold, Hampton, VA United States

Read an excerpt from the book - free

Maybe you are asking yourself if this book is relevant to your particular industry or business.

Entrepreneurs wrote the book for entrepreneurs and those with the entrepreneurial spirit. Thousands of people from dozens of industries in at least seven countries have reaped huge rewards from reading this book.

That includes "entrepreneurs from small to very large businesses. They are in the business of healthcare, hospitality, restaurants, car rental, electronics distribution, advertising, promotional products, flower shops, banking, leasing, retailers, music producers, entertainers.

The book is especially helpful to professional service providers including: accountants, financial planners, real estate sales, mortgage specialists, consultants, personal coach, designers, lawyers, ophthalmologists, funeral directors, trainers, IT specialists, photographers. The book can help overcome unique industry challenges and marketing limitations.

Associations are successfully using the techniques to market to their members to increase non-dues revenue and add value to their members; to attract new members and to promote their message and brand to the market.

The 'Intrapreneur' gains a lot from the aspects of personal marketing. I have received email, letters and notes from individuals who have used the techniques to market themselves within their own corporation to successfully get promoted or to get their ideas more readily accepted. Many have written to thank me for helping them find a new job using these techniques.

Buy the Book now

Take a free test drive
What if you are still not sure if this book is for you? I understand. Many people have the same concern. After all, how many times have you bought something only to discover that it was not right for your needs?

That's why I'm willing to let you read an excerpt from the book for free. I want you to know without a doubt that you are buying something that will actually help you. Click here to take advantage of this free offer to read an excerpt from the book.

"This book is what its title implies. In 20 years as a marketer I've never seen
so much marketing wisdom encapsulated so clearly. Its guidance is ideal for
the self-employed. You're bound to harvest dozens of profit-boosting ideas
here. I know I did."
Burt Dubin, creator, Speaking Success, Kingman AZ, USA

Order now for just $19.95 plus $5 S/H

Your No-Risk Guarantee
If you buy this book and either do not find valuable ideas that can help you immediately or follow the techniques and do not see a noticeable improvement in your results - you can return the book for a full refund (less shipping and handling) - no questions asked.

I'm not going to beat you up over it or question your motives. I won't ask you why you are returning the book. And you won't even have to wait weeks for a refund. I will cheerfully refund your money quickly.

Click here to buy it now

"If every entrepreneur had to read this book before they started their business,
they would enjoy a more profitable and rewarding life."
Jack Canfield, co-auther of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Start getting more than your fair share now.
Grow your business, receive more opportunities and have more time and money in your hands.

Put the Secrets of Power Marketing to work for you now. And start reaping the benefits.

Think of where you want to be with your business in the next year. How much do you want it? What will you do differently to get it? What unknown obstacles lie before you? How will the changing market help or hurt you?

Why not prepare to take advantage of those changes and be prepared for those obstacles? Start using the Secrets of Power Marketing now so you can be keener and swifter than the competition. And remember - your toughest competition often comes out of nowhere.

There is no time to make more expensive mistakes.

Don't make these two mistakes
1. You might hope for things to go your way. Hope is an important motivator - but it is a lousy strategy.

2. You might get lucky - and sometimes you do. But luck is another lousy strategy - just visit any casino to learn that or ask any lottery ticker buyer.
So move forward. Invest in yourself. Your future must be worth it.

Do you need a further incentive?

When you order Secrets of Power Marketing you will receive - absolutely free - these two special reports as your bonus just for ordering the book.

Bonus #1
Special Report: Capitalizing on Fads, Dates and Events
This report explains how you can find and capitalize on these amazing free marketing resources. How do you find them? How can you make it work for you? These resources are free, unlimited in supply and very powerful if used correctly. Yet so many marketers miss this opportunity. Why? The secrets are here for you in this special report.
A regular $7.00 value - yours free when you order Secrets of Power Marketing.

Bonus #2
Special Report: Marketing in Tough Times; A Golden Opportunity
These tips are written for tough times - but you can use them anytime. If it's not tough now - sooner or later it will be. Be prepared for tough times. Find more opportunities when others are giving up. How do you build your business when the market is tough? Beat the competition while they are looking the other way.
A regular $7.00 value - yours free when you order Secrets of Power Marketing.

You get the book plus the two bonus offers free - that is an additional $14.00 value at no extra charge.

Plus you get the no-risk Guarantee. You are happy or you return the book for a full refund of the book purchase. You get to keep the two bonus reports no matter what you do.

It's Easy to Order

There are three easy ways for you to order:
  1. Click here for Secure Online Ordering. Remember, if you are not satisfied with your results, just return the book and I will refund your money - no questions asked. All credit card transactions are processed by

  2. Call 905-335-1997. Tell us how to reach you and we'll call you for your ordering information.

  3. Send an email to with your phone number and we'll call you to get your credit card information.
We'll ship your book within 24 hours of receiving your order, which means that you can be on your way to getting more than your fair share in just a few days.

Don't waste any more time. Order now

George Torok coauthor of Secrets of Power Marketing            George Torok marketing expert and bestselling author            Secrets of Power Marketing

George Torok

PS: If want to order Secrets of Power Marketing in bulk, (at a bulk discount) - for all your staff or for your clients - call George Torok at 905-335-1997 or email

Next to a lifetime of experience this is one of the most practical marketing
I have seen. I know you wrote this book for small business - but big
business could learn a lot from it too.
George Cohon
Senior Chairman of McDonalds Canada
and McDonalds Russia

Author of To Russia with Fries