Your Guide to Networking Success

"How to Build More Productive Networks -
in as Little as 30 Days With These 15 Strategies"

Are you fed up with wasting your time and money in networking programs that don't produce for you?

Do you feel cheated when you realize that contacts in your network seem to forget to help you?

Do you want better and faster results from your networks?

You are not alone. Most of us are not natural born networkers.

We fall into the habit of showing up at networking events and sleep-walking through a stale routine. Often we just want to get it over with.

We mistake "giving out more business cards" as the answer to our networking obstacles.

We know that networking is supposed to work but we are frustrated at the lack of tangible results. We might even feel guilty about our disappointing results.

You needn't feel guilty. What you need is a proven networking system.

Effective networking skills can be learned. Yet most of us have never learned how to network properly. We might have picked up a pointer hear and there but we lack an effective networking system.

It seems incredible that you can build more
productive networks in only 30 days.

You can quickly learn and immediately use the 15 strategies from this proven networking system. You will be pleasantly surprised at your results.

Wouldn't you like to see more profitable business results from your networking?

Imagine how confident you would feel when you know how to target and get what you want.

Think of the number of valuable contacts you will make when others are attracted to you because of your growing reputation as an effective networker.

Imagine savoring the time and money you will save when your network works like a machine.

It might surprise you, butů

Networking doesn't need to be difficult

When you know how - not only will you get more from your network - you might have more fun along the way. These strategies and techniques are simple - because they work. And they work because they are simple.

You will learn the proven system of networking: A system of powerful strategies and simple techniques along with examples that you can adapt to fit your needs.

In "Your Guide to Networking Success" I will show you

 How to focus your networking for maximum return

 A simple litmus test for deciding where it is best for you to network

 How to be better remembered by your contacts

 How to introduce yourself for greater impact

 How to stimulate and guide more engaging conversations

 How to get more of what you want from your network

 How to build and follow a simple networking plan

 How to recruit more of your contacts to do more for you

 How to give a more powerful self-introduction to the group

Stop wasting your time and money now

You don't need to read all the books on networking and related topics that I did. You don't need to suffer through the scores of uncomfortable networking venues that I did. Why should you feel the embarrassment and frustration that I did for years?

You don't need to interview the hundreds of business leaders that I did. You don't need to compile all that valuable and costly research and then analyze, simplify and test the results the way I did.

Why waste your time, money and embarrassment? The work has been done for you. It's proven, simplified and easy to use immediately.

In this Guide to Networking Success we give you:

 A proven networking system of 15 integrated strategies

 The most fundamental principle to networking. (Whenever I ask this question while delivering seminars across the country, very, very few get it. After you read this you will be one of the very few who get it.)

 16 techniques to put the above principle into action for you

 More fundamentals and the supporting techniques for you to follow

 Many examples that you can use or adapt

 Easy to understand language. You will be able to read this guide very quickly. Then you will likely keep refreshing yourself by reviewing the parts that are most relevant to you.

 Easy to understand concepts. Its not rocket science. It is the simple science of networking explained in a practical manner.

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Your Guide to Networking Success includes:

 8 techniques you can use to help others remember your name

 A simple time-saving system for handling all the business cards that you receive - so you know what to do with them later (not everybody is equal)

 Why you must break one of the "rules" about business cards

 12 techniques to being a brilliant conversationalist

 More than a dozen head-snapping questions that will produce more productive conversations

 A 6-step process to remembering more names more effectively

 The one thing that too many talk about that you should not

 6 negative phrases you must start avoiding

 The 5-step process to create more powerful 30-second messages

 7 ways to get other people to market for you more often

 8 creative ways (beyond networking) to leverage your connections for growing your business

 23 ways that many people sabotage their self-introduction (When you know them you can avoid these costly mistakes)

 A checklist of 11 things to help you deliver a more powerful self-introduction to the group - every time

 4 direct questions to ask yourself that will help you focus and propel your networking to more success

There's more

Does your networking group encourage you to deliver a presentation (category talk), to the group about your business?

Then you will benefit from these:

 A simple structure to help you create your presentation faster

 5 key questions that you need to answer for your audience - otherwise you wasted your time or harmed your reputation

 A dozen extra presentation tips from professional speaker and executive speech coach, George Torok

Plus more!

Think of how productive your network could be - one year from now if only you start using this proven networking system today.

Imagine the new business that you might get.

Picture the power you will wield when you transform your networking into an efficient machine.

If you believe in yourself and your possibilities you owe it to yourself.

Everything you want is behind a door. Someone else can lead you to that door and someone else has the keys to that door.

You can find those "someones" by building an effective network now.

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 Your No-Risk Guarantee 
If you buy this networking guide and do not find valuable ideas that can help you immediately or if you follow the techniques and do not see a noticeable improvement in your results - you can ask for a full refund.

If you want results you must read the guide and try the techniques to starting reaping the improved results within 30 days.

If you are unhappy just request your no-hassle refund within 90 days.

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