Marketing speaker preview. Before you hire George Torok as your expert marketing speaker for your program view these action photos, watch the videos or listen to the audios of marketing speaker George Torok in action. If you like what you see and hear then you will love George Torok as your expert marketing speaker.
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CPSA presents over 150 events across the country in a year, and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. In fact almost 90% of the audience rated your content and/or delivery as Excellent. Anne Babej
Director Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute

Ok - so you are almost ready to call George Torok to speak to your people. And perhaps you want further proof that he is right for you and your people.

We understand. Maybe this is the first time you are hiring an outside speaker. Maybe you had a bad experience with some other speaker. Or maybe you are just doing your due diligence. All of which is totally understandable.

So what do you do? How do you evaluate your decision and assure yourself that you are getting the right speaker that you need? Here are some ideas that help you.

Your Due Diligence in Selecting Your Speaker

Your First Choice
The best way to judge any speaker is for you to see and hear the speaker live (not dead). If you want to see George Torok live then let him know - and he will tell you about the next time he is to deliver a public program in your area. He will invite you as his guest. He will check his schedule and let you know what is available. Be warned that it might take awhile because most of his work is private programs within corporations. But no harm in asking.

Your Second Choice
Your next best option might be to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust. That might be a friend, colleague, or another speaker that you have worked with. Check the list of Torok's clients - maybe you know someone on the list. George Torok is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is well known by many of its professional members.

Your Third Choice
Review the speaker's published material for content and depth. Study the speaker's web sites for relevance and experience. Talk to the speaker to assess the attitude and fit. Check the list of clients for scope. Read the testimonials for results and comments about style. Talk to past clients of the speaker to confirm the results. Listen to audio recordings or view video recordings for style.

You have permission from George Torok to call and talk to any of his clients or associates. If you want phone numbers just call and ask.

George Torok wants to help you feel good - about your decision to work with him - before, during and after.

Here is more help for you in understanding the presentation style of George Torok:

George Torok action photos

Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok
Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok   Marketing speaker, George Torok

George Torok audio clips

Enjoy this “Power Marketing” presentation that George Torok delivered to a group of CEO’s, presidents and owners of medium sized business. Enjoy this “Power Marketing” presentation that George Torok delivered to a group of CEO’s, presidents and owners of medium sized business. This is the complete and unedited recording. In addition to noticing Torok’s compelling story-telling and practical insights there are two other things for you to notice about this presentation.

Torok was asked to prepare a 70-minute content packed presentation. As often happens – other things took longer and Torok adjusted his presentation to deliver both content and entertainment in the 33 minutes he had to get the program back on time. He adapted on the fly as required to make his client look good.

The client was TEC – The Executive Committee. This presentation was to promote membership in TEC. Notice the several comments that Torok made in support of his client – TEC.

Listen to this exciting, entertaining and controversial interview with George Torok as featured on the SmallBiz Podcast hosted in the UK.

This interview will be included in an on-line expo that Microsoft is hosting in 2007.

Plus, this interview with George Torok was reviewed in the on-line version of the RadioTimes (the major TV and Radio guide in the UK).

Here's what they reported:

"Do you want an unfair advantage over your competitors? You steely eyed entrepreneur, you.

In the current SmallBizPod, the small business podcast no less, there's a ball-busting interview with the Canadian writer and marketing expert George Torok. George is one of those rich successful guys who chooses to share his success rather than rub it in your face.

He gives away trade secrets and tells you how to make yourself into a brand you can sell. This podcast may sound boring, but the info is pure marketing gold dust. It will make you want to run out immediately and close a deal. Of some sort."

The Brits do have a way with words

Listen to interview with George Torok.

George Torok video clips

Coke and the power of perception     Coke and the power of perception

Project the perception of success     Project the perception of success


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Your remarks were honest, insightful and inspiring… Your presentation was also dynamic and humorous. I would certainly recommend your presentation to other organizations looking for a charismatic speaker.
Kyrtyne Buryta
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

When what you see doesn't agree with what you hear - you believe what you see.
George Torok

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