Networking Can Save Your Life

Networking is often touted as a powerful career or business development tool. But, have you ever thought about networking as a necessary skill to save lives? Can networking save your life - or the life of someone you love?

Oh Yes! Follow this example of how simple networking got the answers faster and helped us move easier through the medical system.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctor missed the early signs of cancer and then was slow in reacting. My father was frustrated by the obstacles that the doctor and the system seemed to deliberately put in his way. They didn't seem like they were there to help. My father found it extremely frustrating. He also got mad about it. He certainly was scared by the cancer. My father started tapping his network and he asked me for help.

I mentioned my concern about the prostate cancer to a long time colleague. She had relatives who worked in medicine. She made some calls and a few days later gave me the name of a surgeon who was considered to be one of the best in this field.

At the same time my father explored one of his networks - his fitness club. He learned that one of the regulars was a retired physician who had survived prostate cancer. Although this physician was not directly within my father's established network he was only once removed. My father was introduced to the physician and explained his dilemma and urgency. The retired physician gave my father the name of the surgeon who operated on him - and added that he considered this surgeon to be the best.

The same surgeon's name came up twice from two separate networking relationships. That made the decision easy on who to choose. Also, my father's referral to this top surgeon was made easier because of the introduction from the retired physician. You see, the top surgeon felt a special bond to the retired physician because the retired doctor was the one who had delivered this surgeon into this world.

The bottom line - my father was able to arrange for a referral and quick surgery and has survived the cancer. If my father had endured the 'normal' channels it is questionable that he would be alive today. There is no question that networking saved the day and in particular, my father.

The networking lesson for you - you never know who you will need in your network till you need them. And it isn't just about who do you know. It is sometimes "who do you know who knows?" For that reason, build your networks before you need them. Never stop networking. It just might help you live longer.

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